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Thread: Map Illustration for Kids Dino Math game for iPhone

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    Default Map Illustration for Kids Dino Math game for iPhone

    I am working on a fast math application "Dino Math". It's my daughter's idea and targeted at K-3rd graders. The child has 5 seconds to answer each question, and has to answer 70 questions total. The faster and more accurate they are able to answer the questions, the more points they earn. As the child is able to excel through the questions, they become gradually more difficult and a history of the games is recorded (and graphed) so they can visually track their progress.

    The more points they earn the more dinosaurs they begin to uncover. What I picture in my head is a fantasy style map that has various earthly elements such as; mountains, water, ice, forests, maybe a dessert area. Each section of the map gets unlocked and turns to color as they progress through. I have begun Game Center and iCloud integration. Game Center achievements are going to be paleontologist tools (hammer, chisel, pick, brush, etc). I considered multi-player games but think I will leave it out for now given the age range of the target audience.

    I have spent most of my time working on the functional aspects, so I have not spent a ton of time on the look and feel yet. But you'll see in the pictures I'm trying to go with a notebook/handwriting style. The view transition is a page curl animation and if you pull down the red ribbon (bookmark) on the main menu, it will take you to your map (yet to be created). I created a hand drawn 5 second pie timer in the top left of the question page.

    I have tried creating my own map but the quality isn't what I'm looking for (attached). Since it is for an iPhone game and fit within my notebook frame.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Examples of style I'm hoping for: (without the frame) (great example, but with color) (something like this might work, but is a little more real than I'm looking for)

    Number of maps: One map that includes the different "landscape types". A small dinosaur or fossil illustration per "region" a big bonus!

    320x480 px
    Full color, but slight hand-drawn look & feel
    Raw .psd or .ai will be delivered

    Belongs to Remote Vision, Inc.
    Publisher retains right to reproduce or alter the maps for promotional materials.

    Flexible but hoping for 3-4 weeks maximum. Game is currently in development.

    Negotiable, payable via Paypal upon delivery of the final files.

    Ryan Kelly
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