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Thread: Legend of the Three Pillars - East (WIP)

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    Wip Legend of the Three Pillars - East (WIP)

    First stage of the second map for the Legend of the Three Pillars campaign. The landmass depicted will span most of the distance between my northern and southern continents, which are otherwise seperated by a largely untraversable ocean. It lies on the eastern border of the known world and is subject - on the eastern coastline - to intense elemental activity and upheaval.

    The area, called the Savage March, was colonised centuries ago by the dominant empire but most of the garrisons were recalled to meet a domestic threat, leaving the settlers at the mercy of the incredibly hostile fauna & flora. The few settlements left are strung along the coast, leaving the highland jungles full of overgrown forts, towns, mines and ancient ruins.

    Going for a high-fantasy/Doyle/Haggard mash-up vibe to the setting.

    It is about half the scale of the previous map.

    Things to do:

    • Tidy up the brushwork to ease the transition to desert - especially near the southern lake/river.
    • Want to experiment with some pattern fills for jungle areas to give some texture to these areas, plus perhaps some representation of agricultural activity.
    • Draw in volcanic activity and lava flows on the east coast.
    • Find some way to represent the elemental activity (given my limited artistic ability) in the eastern sea areas.
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