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Thread: New Midcyru maps from Night Angel Trilogy

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    Map New Midcyru maps from Night Angel Trilogy

    Here's the new Midcyru map for the Night Angel Trilogy. Devin encouraged me to do a more stylized, accurate version. These pics were posted late on my earlier thread. But I don't think too many people saw them.

    The first map is with no special F/X. The second and third I had some fun with.
    Attachment 41622
    Attachment 41623
    Attachment 41624

    You can download the full sized versions here:

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    The map looks nice, can we have a dash of backstory please?

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    Yeah,sorry. Had the backstory on the other thread. I've been reading the Night Angel trilogy. The world is a mix of Japanese, European, Mongolian, Middle Eastern history, ect., all mashed together in a fantasy setting. It actually works really well! The main character is a wetboy (assassin).

    So the original map, by the author, could have used some help. So I contacted the author (Brent Weeks), and asked him if he would like to see what I'd come up with. And he said yes. So this is my second try at the map.

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