Time Constraints

I currently have no constraints other than it should not take longer than two months...


The style should be the usual simple Lord of the Rings stylish map, so a simple style.

Description of the Map

I only have a rough idea what I want it to look like, so a coastlines and stuff, you can decide them. Basically a huge island in the center of the map with four other islands scattered around it, these are the homelands of elves, dwarves, orcs, Tieflings and Gnomes. The huge island is the home of the men.

Names for the islands

Doashel - The center island

Kearanah - Active volcanic island, the home for Orcs

Inai'elo - Island with lots of forest, the home for Elves

Bandras - Mountainous island with some land, the original home for the Dwarves

Xeach - The home for Gnomes

Kraeminah - Home for Tieflings.

Quality & Size

Semi-professional, I don't care about the size, just nothing too big, something that I could post in a thread of a RP.


You the artist gets the copyrights, I however should be able to use it as Roleplay/D&D Campaign map.

And also, not forgetting the word 'please'.