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Thread: J.B. Springs

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    Default J.B. Springs

    This is my first real attempt on city mapping and it came out pretty good. It was just as much work as I expected, but fun. In the last days I was fiddling with various small details and then I just had to call it finished as I could have played with it endlessly.
    The hardest part was the houses (naturally), but on a good side I will be able to use them in the future projects.
    I decided to name almost solely the manmade features and only in general level as it’s quite busy already as it is. In case anyone wants to have a version without any labels, let me know.

    EDIT: This is not a WIP anymore, but I just had to make a few changes based on latest comments on fields and the sea (I had been blind to few issues there). Attached a new version...
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    I'm in love with this map. I will be looking to commission a city map in the next few months, if you take on projects I might have to look you up!

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    Awesome map! And the houses are, indeed, incredibliously detailed!

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    The texture master strikes again. Although having said that, I'm not really feeling it too much with those fields. But the buildings are amazing. Great stuff.
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    Wow, did you pull those buildings from Google Maps or something? That's amazing! Buildings remind me of Prague. Very nice.
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    I think I hate you Pasis for being so god damn talented! This map is absolutely amazing in all its details. Really great job!
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    I was so anxious to see this map completed. It's wonderfully detailed and a pleasure to explore. Excellent work !

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    I so wish I had these texture-fu powers. I really like this. My only critique is I think perhaps the water/sea should be a bit darker with less texture (to elaborate, this reminds me of looking at old cities like Florence and such via google maps and the water is always darker with less texture) but that is more a stylistic choice I think.
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    Very fine looking buildings indeed and another most excellent map from you. Thanks for sharing. I want to do a major city map but it's just so darn daunting all those little squares...*sigh* one of these days I'll bite it just to prove to myself how exhausting it will be.
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