i have been looking for this for hours through google and various tutorial websites and cant find it.

I am trying to create a map that has a realistic hand drawn feel. I would just use the paintbrush tool in GIMP and apply slight random jitters + pressure sensitive changes in size to make it really authentic, but I am not quite good enough with my tablet to control it well enough to do pen lines.

I used to love doing line-art in photoshop using the pen tool and messing with the stroke effects but I can't figure out how to apply the effect I am looking for here in inkscape (or GIMP if you guys know an easier way to do this in gimp.) I like the precise control paths give me, but I don't want the clean look of the standard stroke.

I want the map to look like it was drawn on a piece of paper, by hand. Or at least decently close to it. [THIS] is the WIP thread for the map I am working on.

Any idea?