I like to consider myself a gaming enthusiast, although I haven't purchased a game for my PC in years and the last console I owned was a Nintendo 64. That said, I occasionally purchase boardgames, avidly collect miniatures (particularly horror miniatures) and am tormented by the need to express my creativity in the form of participating in, creating, or refining games.

My current dilemma is that I am wanting to create at least one fantasy world from scratch, but can't find a sufficently good generator to accomplish the task. I was considering looking for one that generated tectonic plates and--using random Brownian motion--caused them to bumper-car into each other until mountains formed, volcanoes erupted, and certain pieces got wedged together. Sadly, I diverged from the path of programming too many years ago to hope to accomplish even a simple simulation of such events (let along Hadley cells, weather erosion, OR consequences of Ice Ages/meteorites!).

So, I'm likely to be stalking around and looking at what products the innovative minds of this forum have wrought. I appreciate the interests and abilities that have brought lots of folks here. I can only hope that what off-hand comments I offer will be useful to those more enterprising and capable members of this community.