In an effort to expand my repertoire, I took an unpaid commission to design a coastal city, centered on a river island. I haven't done much work on cities, and the current WIP is more of an exploratory attempt. Expect the design to change drastically over the course of the project. Even though the project states that 600x600 pixels is adequate enough, as it's for web use only, I went ahead and started it in a letter-size format, in case his players wanted to print it out.

For convenience, here's the description set forth by the commission:

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Picture the Camwyn somewhat like Venice with a large Senatorial palace near the land side of the city and a large temple dedicated to a God of light at the center of the town. The source for the canals all flows from the temple and all the main roads in town should lead to the temple.
Camwyn (City of Lights) :

Camwyn is a lot like Vince, it is a city of rivers and canals. It is located on an island in the middle of the Wyn River. The Wyn is broad and deep and the current isn't very fast in this area. There are 4 great bridges from the central city to the shore, two to each side. At the foot of the bridges are small towns that grew over time when Camwyn Island became to full to house anymore people. The richest and nicest houses are near the center of the island with poorer houses along the outskirts and the bridges. The workshops, craftsmen and merchants living in the smaller towns at the foot of the bridges. Camwyn is also a port and ships dock at the southern dock where the Wyn river flows into the Cinder Sea.

At the far north west of town is the large temple of Lights dedicated to the cities patron God. There is a chalice at the center of the temple, which is higher then any other point in the rather flat city, where water constantly overflows in Holy profusion. The canals all flow out from this point towards the south and east and the Cinder Sea. The Wyn River flows south east around the city.

Just south of the great temple is the open air senatorial arena where the city law makers vote twice a year. This area has the only open land in all of Camwyn and there is a great open square between the senate complex and the temple.
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