Hi, I am trying to make a set of maps to run an online D&D game using d20pro because you know friends move away so it makes it hard to run a D&D game. Well, I am new at using any program (I remember a bit of Design In from highschool but that's about it) I also have a Bamboo Connect graphics tablet new at using that too (so odd look at the screen instead of down, also is it useful to even have one of these for making maps?). I have access to GIMP, trial Photoshop CS5 Extended, and Autodesk SketchBook.

First of the maps I am trying to make is a roadside battle, think scottish highlands. I don't know really where to beginning... I did make this

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But now I am at... What do I do? Is this what I am trying to do? and lots of AGRS! and/or sighs.