I made the mistake (will not really a mistake) of reading an article at io9.com http://io9.com/5878720/how-to-create...ero-or-villain and started thinking about creating a world for superheroes.

Thus making me wonder if anyone wanted to do a shared world.

The idea is for a new and original take on superheroes and the world they live in.

The group has been up and writing for a month now and we have a basic idea of the world underneath us. That said, it will be rather easy for anyone to step in and add their own character at any given point.

Our group right now is setting with a handful of active users and a few that are on the side lines. We're looking for creators, writers and artist. Right now sadly the work is just for fun and hopeful publication down the road.

The group requires a mapper to create a maps for some created cities, so we and other writers know where the characters are going.

Right now we're just pretty much spending our time creating characters and scripts. We hope once we get some really great scripts done we'll start a Kickstarter.

If you want to know more drop me an email at magicalbookworm@gmx.com