Hello! I am new here and I figured this was the right forum to go to for cartographic help. I like minecraft. I like final fantasy. So naturally I want to enjoy both at the same time. I want to render the Final Fantasy 4 map into a height map so I build on it in minecraft. The use will be completely personal and I am willing to pay (via paypal) if the quality is well-done.

The map in question is: http://www.fantasyanime.com/finalfan...4map_wsc01.png

As you can see, the map is rather large.

Then there is the underworld (http://ian-albert.com/games/final_fa...underworld.gif) and the moon (http://ian-albert.com/games/final_fa...l/ff2-moon.gif)

I do not need sizes of 12,000x12,000. Something like 4,000x4,000 will work since I can just scale. However, if you think you can add more detail by going bigger go ahead. All I really want out of all this is just a terrain heightmap that is greyscale, I suppose. I do not know much about heightmaps so if someone can tell me an easier way to do this, please do. Also, how hard exactly would this be? I've managed to make a white sillohoute on my own but I am missing the mountains and such and I really do not want to manually brush in every hill and mountain. Thanks for reading.