For starters, thank you in advance for merely taking the time to check my post. If my topic is in the wrong place, feel free to call me a derp, and remove my topic. For what I am doing, these maps are all apart of my world building which I have been doing since 2007. The world building is for a series of stories I have been writing, brainstorming, and mulling over since I started, and finally I know enough about what it is I want to do to actually start seriously on my maps.

Honestly, I didnít want to put this up in the state itís in, but I also didnít want to invest months of work into a map that would need to be completely redone because the geography is all wrong. So instead, I would make changes and improvements as I go along based on the comments and advice of the more advanced users on the forum.

World Map Climates:
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World Winds
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Continent 1 Map in relation to world map:
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What I'm looking for is general advice on geographic accuracy in relation to our real world geography, continental locations, and just ways to make my world more plausible.