Hello Cartographers,

I am seeking quotes from artists to do full-color, photo-realistic grid maps for tabletop games (eg combat maps.) This is for traditional print publication, so someone with knowledge of CMYK is preferred.

We are looking for more than one artist to give our maps some variety, so I encourage everyone interested to contact me with any questions.

Here are the specifics:


This is a "paid?" gig, assuming we can get sufficient pre-sales. No work will be required until the pre-sales are completed. Though some samples of previous efforts would be nice as marketing to help with pre-sales.

Quality and Size

Our tentative size is a 24x30 inch poster size. Photo-realistic is a starting pointing, but we are flexible if it is an original or interesting concept.


If you can fight on it, we are interested. Combat maps all too often fall into the "bushes and a road on a grid" vein that are tired and cliched. We would like to see some original ideas with some depth. A necropolis filled with rotted tombs and elevation changes, a steampunk circus tent filled with odd machines or even a modern military base. We will entertain almost any suggestion. These are battlemaps, so making your idea work within the limits of grid movement will be helpful.


We will entertain any idea or genre from anime to abstract, so long as you can fight on it!

Time Constraints

30 days, but longer is acceptable so long as we are kept apprised of progress.


I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

Thank you,


Please contact me at cartguild-at-encountermaps.com (remove the -- and convert "at" to @)