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    I first would like to say how impressed I was when I visited this forum, its so great to see people with a similiar interest as me!

    My request is for a modern Military Defence Map in a style such as this ( which shows the 3 military defence regions (the map designer can divide it any way they wish..just split it in 3) of the fictional country that I take part in a political simulation in called the Ocian Federation.. (here is a terrain map of Ocia If possible it would be great if the map maker would be able to indicate the presence of an underground military bunker located in the general vicinity of west of the city of Valais.

    If possible It would be great if the map could show the regions (just like that first map of Russia) simply with dark colored dividing lines..Ocia's regions are identified by the dotted lines shown in this map ( And lastly if possible It would be great if the map could indicate the radius of our radar defence network ( like this map does The network is called the "Motherland Early Information Airspace Defence System" and the designer can decide on the size of the radius for the radar so long as the entire country is covered.

    If the designer feels that adding the symbols for the simulation's military would improve the look of it the symbol can be found here

    If someone is interested in this topic and wants to help me out with this I would be extremely grateful! Either way thank you for showing interest in this post and sorry for the amateur quality of the maps I showed!


    (p.s I do not want to have the copyrights to any persons work if they decide to do this..its just for a simulation I am apart of)
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