Hi all

It has always been the idea of the project that one day we will have a world that is consistent in terms of cultures and geography and this means someone (or many) will have to do a lot of creative writing in the future. What has happened is that many of the mapper sof the individual regions have done some of their own creative planning.

What we need is someone, who fancies themself as a bit of an editor, to put together everything that has been written about the regions so far in a continually changing and updating document. This should be available on these boards for all members to view and have reference to. This will 1. retain consistency with design ideas, 2. Allow mappers who want to map local areas within the regions to have a point of reference, 3. Provide a framework for the eventual creative writing proper 4. It could also keep track of who is mapping what so that there are no duplications.

Anybody want the job? (The hours are horrific and pay is well non-existent)