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Thread: March/April 2012 Entry - Ocean's End: The Legendary Waterfalls

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    I really like the feel of this one. It has a misty watercolor look to it. An interesting way to use the shapes as well. Good job.
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    I would suggest a rename of "Quim".... just sayin.

    Other than that, neat idea

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    Yeah, I know what you mean, Yospeck. I used a random name generator for it. However, I found it fitting when I found out it is a fairly popular name in Spain (and it is pronounced as 'Kim') since there were some explorers, that found the Caribbean isles, from Spain. Much like Juan Ponce de León did with Puerto Rico. Since my map has a Caribbean feel to it, I decided to keep the name; even with its slang meaning in other parts of the world.

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