As i declared in an earlier post,
I dug out some maps:

Attachment 43718
Attachment 43719
Attachment 43720
Attachment 43721
Attachment 43722
Attachment 43723
the caves on 3 separate pages (as originally drawn; maybe better for printing):
Attachment 43724

A few expl.:
Descriptions are in german, shouldn't be a big problem though.
The castle-roof has a basin with a drain (and a through too), to collect rainwater/snow and funnel it to the bath
on lev0.
Arrows show either the direction to open doors or point to the lower end of an ascending stairway.
A "arrow" with an X-head depicts the upper end of stairs.
Dotted lines show chimney-openings or water-pipes.
Obviously it's a fantasy castle - real knights wouldn't have bothered with a heatable water basin
(from the cellar).
Btw. the roof-catapult is missing on the perspective drawing.

Explaining the caves in any detail would be quite a feat.
Suffice to say there are giant mushrooms, an derelict gnome city, a temple with a evil manifestation, secret passages, nasty critters and some serious crystals. I had a altered version were traps etc. were marked,
this one was originally meant to be used with a sceen that cut-out, to show the players sometimes
small portions of that thing.
You might think that no sane GM would send his entrusted players into this abyss. But the labyrinth was meant
to be practically imprenetable until the players would find the secret riddle-markings, info and a device
to decipher them (after some mysterious happings first take place) .
E.G. the staircase-chimney in the middle was equipped with a simple alchimistical trap, that would
spout some strong smelling gas, fooling uninformed travelers into thinking that the lower
parts are flooded with deadly cave-vapours.

It was designed after the plans within an early Adventure of the German RPG "DSA", called "Die Seelen der Magier".
The original plans weren't any good - they only showed one level (+ a cellar) in a much more squarish and simple fashion - so i spiced them up a bit.