Here's what we know about Groam so far:

* The first inhabitants were cave ancient cave dwellers whose macabre rock art can still be found in the many caves throughout the region.

* Groam was originally called "Grohamz" by the cave dwellers. Translated into their native tongue, it means "Weeping Land."

* These cave dwellers may still exist, isolated from those who swarmed over the land.

* Rich veins of tin and silver were discovered in the uplands, causing a swarm of prospectors to come in from the north in search for riches.

* Mining camps soon grew into cities, and cities into a lawless kingdom.

* Silvervein was established as Groam's capital and hosted a loose government comprised of mining magnates and crime lords called the Council.

* In an effort to promote lawfulness, the Council established the Silver Watch

* The western cities of Arkender and Zantarma flourished with a logging and food supply industry.

* The plague came sixty years after silver was discovered in Groam.

* The Grey Watch was formed from the ranks of the Silver Watch and were given the city of Kamzal as a base of operations. The Grey Watch was relentless in driving back any refugees from the plague.

* Kamzal was renamed Grey Fortress.

* A series of walls were constructed to slow the influx of the infected from the east.

* Many settlements in the east, including Grey Fortress have fallen silent over the years, and their current status is unknown.


Is that about right?

So on that note, I've got some more questions.

What's happening in Groam now? Is the Council still active? Is the Silver Watch still patrolling the unaffected areas while the Grey Watch is apparently still fighting off plague-ridden refugees?

Is a man from Groam a Groamen man, or Groamish? Something else?

Are the cave dwellers known to the Groamen (or Groamish) people, or have they managed to stay hidden all these years? Am I the only one seeing grimlocks here?

I'm sure there is more, but this will do for starters. As you can tell from the title, I'd like to keep this thread solidly about Groam or areas that Groam will affect. My goal is to do a thread like this for each area unless anyone has any objections.