Ok, so this map was done by me, with Pencil and Paper, I just used gimp to add the burnt/old parchment look on to the map. This might be used for Pathfinder setting. (Note I'm making my dad buy them three core books ('Core book' 'Game Mastering' & 'Bestiary'...) Going to bugger him till he buys them , *is evil* on another note, I'm running a sandbox session for him using D&D 3.5e first tomorrow.) Anyways back to the point I was getting bit off topic! The map... It was fairly easy to do, anyone can make it if they know how to draw lines and triangles and how to use GIMP. I want some critique on this and as an extra I will throw in a challenge for fun. Imagine what the other part of the world looks like! If the map does not upload I will just use photobucket link.