Project Idea:
Overview map of the area that I and my fellow Rp's will be playing in. It is set in a fantasy land with names of places that I myself have made up so there is no copyright fragment for using a name that might have been seen somewhere else. I'm very picky when it comes to what I want the map to look like so you will have to bare in mind that I might ask for changes in certain area's. If your willing to put up with my compulsive tendencies on how I see this map being made or how it should look, then your a very brave person. The name of the RP site is called The Elf Gathering.

Location of map to be made:
In the land of Telngar.

I do have names and places of where things would be placed and so on if you need them, just ask away. But I would love an over view of the whole area it's self. Or even smaller ones of the certain playing area's. Trees, mountains, rivers, desert lands and so on.

How many:
If at all possible perhaps different maps of certain locations of each area, it's not required. But if it's easier then that would work so that would mean I need quite a few. If not then one map is just as good as long as others can see it and read it. If you do the smaller versions of the certain area's then I will take those, but sometimes the smaller areas might not be what you would want to do. That's why it might be easier to do just one full view of the map instead, I will leave this to your discretion.

I will leave the technical aspects to the one that wishes to make this map or theses maps. As long as they fit on an RPG site. I'm really not picky when it comes to this, except for it being in color and looking like it's on old parchment paper, that would be nice.

Goes to whom ever makes the map and your name will be placed for others to see it clearly. I do not take credit for anything that I didn't make myself.

When do I need it:
When ever it's ready, there's no big hurry. Sites still being fixed up and not even open yet.

$5 for each small map (if you choose this option)
$10 for a larger map
I know it's not much but it's all I can afford at this time. Also note that these would have to be up to my standards and if not then I might not take one or two. I know this sounds harsh, but if I'm going to be paying for something I should get something nice right? I will also add that if they are way above what I expected then the payment will go up as well.

Contact me at:
Taria Lorehand
differentdolls at yahoo dot com

If you have any other question please let me know, thanks for the time in reading this and I hope whom ever does this has a great time helping me see the lands of my idea come to life. If I could do this myself I would, but making a map isn't something I can do, I have tried and failed, so now I am resorting to begging for the help. I will get on my knees if needed.