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    Map the Inner Sea Map

    I hate this site... the more threads I look at the more i get the urge to do something myself this was a quick grungy version of a map i posted earlier on in the week.

    To anyone whose interested the world of Elyden is dying, the laws of nature unravelling as the Demiurges (worker gods) slowly dies and rot, their influence on the world waning. To make things worse the Korachani empire, which has been exploiting the worlds' resources for millennia, is itself dying; superstitious, bogged down by a crippling bureaucracy, its resources and infrastructure are stretched thin, allowing trade to falter and corruption to run rampant. Much like the world around it, it is in its dying days.

    Its a simple map, with little in the way of detailing and is more of what I'd call an artistic map focusing on the political boundaries of the eponymous empire (marked out in purple) - indeed the only features marked out are rivers and capital cities; nothing else. the colours might be a bit over-saturated though i like the effect. I also tried out a subtle spatter on the text which i think helps make the words look a bit more 'hand-written'

    I hope someone out there finds this interesting
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