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Thread: World of Zaria and Ansgar by TheRedEpic

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    Map World of Zaria and Ansgar by TheRedEpic

    Hey guys,

    I did these two commissions for Joshua Johnson's Cerberus Rebellion book series. He wanted to base them off the style i used for my Hyranden map, so i obliged him, let me know what you think!

    Zaria, map of the Known World:

    Ansgar, the focus of the book:

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    Great stuff but to be expected I suppose! =P

    I am not a fan of the landmass shapes but I assume you are working within fixed boundaries of the client in that regard. I am curious though, do you get any creative input there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larb View Post
    I am not a fan of the landmass shapes but I assume you are working within fixed boundaries of the client in that regard.
    Beautiful style, that's great artwork. I agree I'm not a fan of the shapes either, but if you look at mediaeval maps (eg the Hereford Mappa Mundi) they also had pretty ugly, squared off, non-geographical landmasses, so in a way it's fitting. I think we forget that maps aren't just geographical representations, today we're rather spoiled by aerial maps and accurate geography!

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    Really cool! These have a great look and feel to them. Probably doesn't matter at all, but a couple things bug me slightly on the first map. The icon for a hamlet and a fortress look the same to me. The second thing is that you have an icon for "Citadels," but the place on the map labeled "THE CITADEL" doesn't use it. It just uses the normal fortress icon. (I am assuming it is the fortress icon and not the hamlet icon, contextually).

    But seriously, great work. Repped and rated!
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    Very pretty and I do love this style. It inspires me to want to create a map somewhat along these lines with the shields and so on. Good job!
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    Wonderful! I love this style.

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    thats a really nice style map, though the form of the lanbdmass seems a bit 'artificial'
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    You're still one of my favorite artists, and again your maps are awesome... and again some maps for my inspiration folder thanks for sharing! cheers, DJ
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    Just awesome! I love the style and the colors and all the lines patterns. The compass rose/seal is really great and a good idea. I also like very much the text around norteast Steimor.


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