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Thread: Commission request: fictional planet map, oceans + archipelagoes, sci-fi style

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    Default Commission request: fictional planet map, oceans + archipelagoes, sci-fi style

    Commission request.

    Dear Cartographers,

    I am looking for a high-resolution, physical map depicting an Earth-like planet with roughly 80% of its surface covered by saltwater oceans. I imagine the land masses of the said world to form scattered archipelagoes of small to large islands, with maybe a few islands massive enough to be considered very small continents. The planet itself would be roughly 1.2 x the size of Earth, and highly volcanic.

    I would like this project to be done in a high-tech, science fiction aesthetic. I think Mollweide projection would be appropriate for it, but I'm open to suggestions. Ideally, I'd be looking for a resolution that would allow to zoom in and crop out maps of separate regions/archipelagoes.

    I am nowhere in a hurry with this commission, so the Cartographer kind enough to accept it would have as much time as they needed. I am happy to discuss commission fees here or over email (my address is: I understand the standard fee is around $100.

    Many thanks in advance for your time and any and all offers.

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