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    Map Insect Lands

    As a child, my favorite creatures to anthropomorphize were insects, particularly grasshoppers. I drew them with all the trappings of human civilization. There was never interaction with humans to the level of Antz or even A Bug's Life. Sometimes, the insects were said to be on real continents, but after some time, I decided that they ruled their own places on Earth. My concepts were inconsistent and never fully realized.

    What follows are some maps from the "Insect Lands Atlas", circa 1995-96, when I was 10. Like most projects I started, this one was never completed. Still, it stands as the largest effort I made to organize my concepts. Much of the geography didn't exist until I made it for this atlas (note the crossed-out location on one of the maps...)

    Overall maps:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CCI16062012_00001.jpeg 
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Name:	CCI16062012_00002.jpeg 
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    Some individual lands:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CCI16062012_00003.jpeg 
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Name:	CCI16062012_00004.jpeg 
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Name:	CCI16062012_00000.jpeg 
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    And before you say anything about one of the names, no, ladybugs weren't Jewish.
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