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    Wip [WIP] New Arden Map 2012

    Hi there,

    After a while I realy want to redo my most important map. When I started last September to do the Arden Map, I didnt know much about digital Mapmaking, but learned fast and intergrated the knowledge of this Community into a project I dreamed to do. Now I am going back to my original Arden map and completely redo it. The former version was 90cm x 120cm, but what I have in mind for the new one, which will be done on seperated pieces, will be 450cm x 600cm, or 55.000px x 90.000px on 25 Maps, each the same size as the old one. Well I dont know if I will realy do them all, (some Locations are quiet minor), but will at least try.

    The first map will be about the Imperial Province of Keldon.
    It is home to the sturdy and harsh Tribes and Clans of the Koldonians, which are dominated by primal Hunting cults and pray to the Gods of Iron, Stone, Fire and Forgery. Their Craftmanship and code of honor is well known in the realms of the Imperium and many stories are told about the hightkings of the past and their lagacy. Every ten years one of the five Great-Clans is choosen to serve the Imperator with a host of a hundred elite worriors to be his Bodygards and the Heavy Infanterists of the 4th Legion, consisting traditionally nearly complete of Keldonian Veterans.

    Known mostly in my stories as some steriotype of the nobel savage, the Conans and Skyrim Nords of Arden, I now wish to shape them, explore their old history and also the wars and conflicts including some of the neighbor Realms.
    Therefore I will also add on this map; the City-State and Tradeoligarchy of Myrad, the Backlands of eastern Arndie and Brest, the Protectorat of Tamaresh, the Miden Dasha Nomad terretories, The Jewel at the Gates of Earth City State Dahlmasir, Old Kartazal, the Cornessa Forest and Keldon itself.

    So far I am using the new Aldebaran Set of brushes and reuse soem of my old textures, for giving it a feeling of connectivity to the old map. The rivers are completely redone (without river police in my neck) and new forests.
    I have just finished the mountains.

    Comments and Critiques welcome.
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