Hi to everyone!

Well, it's my the very first message on this site
A week ago i have decided to make a game for me and my friends. This game should help us to learn German irregular verbs and some other verbs
And, of course, for this game i had to draw some map... Well, never before i have done something like this, and i have faced with many difficulties. But some tutorials on this site helped me, and... you can view the result here.

Actions in the game take place in the country "Verbland". Actually we need kill the Dragon with our verb knowledge On the way to this goal we will face other challenges too

And, once more. This game is designed for me and my friends. Just for fun. This means during map's creation i didn't think about copyrights or similar stuff.
I have used a lot of images from other authors, clipart and so on. Well, please, please, please, comment I need criticism and hints. May be i need change something or...

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