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Thread: Entering Cartographers' Guild :)

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    Post Entering Cartographers' Guild :)

    Hi to all!

    First of all, I would like to say that I am fascinated by this forum!! Actually I never thought it existed something like the "Cartographers' Guild".

    Now about introducing my self. I am from Greece and live in the lovely coastal city of Piraeus, I study marine engineering and in my free time, as many of you may also do, I write fantasy novels. I always liked to dedicate myself to the worlds of my imagination, trying to give them life and depth by constructing unique languages for their people, giving them unique culture or even creating their own music or architecture. I joined this forum because as you may have already know, one essential part for the creation of a fantasy world is the design of its land masses, seas and oceans. I think that I am good in handmade maps but I totally suck in designing them by the use of computer, due to I lack the basic knowledge of Photoshop...

    I have tried to use some other programs that are used for marine engineering, such as Rhino or Auto Cad, but the results were terrible, actually they were horrific..!!!!

    So, I would like very much to know the techniques and methods that you are using in order to get those wonderful maps!

    One area that I could be of assistance is..
    For anyone who wants any kind of building (temple, palace etc...) or ship, from his fantasy world to be designed in a CAD program, I would gladly like to help.

    Thank you for reading!!!
    My excuses for any grammatical errors that may have occurred, English is not my first language..
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    Welcome tot the Guild Omega! Yup, you are in good company. Many of us here are likewise authors and/or world-builders. There are tons of Photoshop tutorials in the tutorials section, so spend some time browsing and pick one that has a result that you like. I'd be curious to see some of your cad work building designs BTW. Look forward to seeing you around.


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    And if you are familiar with CAD, why not take a look at campaign cartographer 3 It is designed for fantasy mapmaking

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    Bienvenue Ωmega, enjoy the guild !

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    Welcome to the Guild Ωmega(n)! You're the perfect guy to make credible underwater complexes or buildings. I hope to see one of yours someday...

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