Random question: What inspires you to do mapping or world-building? Is there a book, show, game, etc, that whenever you read or see it, it makes you want to do some mapping or world-building of your own?

I just re-read the book that makes me want to resume world-building (haven't done any in several months, due to other workloads, and reading it made me think of this question for here): Glen Cook's 'Sweet Silver Blues'. It's the first book in the Garrett, P.I. series, and really the only one where the character leaves the city he lives in. But the world he goes through in it is different and inventive enough that it catches my imagination. And the people and events he set up in that first book set up a myriad of plot points and events to last through at least a dozen books (so far).

I also have recordings of the show 'How the Earth Was Made', but I mostly watch that when I am already working on a map, and it helps me with ideas or realism. I don't watch it much when I am not working on a project.