Hello Cartographers,

My request I wish to keep simple, yet will start by giving as much details to allow for easier understanding of this request. Please forgive me as I am new to this community of map-makers and this very request will express that I am ill-equipped with the knowledge of computer imagery and detailing. I belong to a role-play community that is based on the popular game 'Minecraft', named Lord of the Craft. I am a Lore-Master for this server as well as possessing a character who plays a nomad and has acquired land that I am attempting to implement various cultures by way of allowing 'City-States' to be formed.

The land I possess is named Levanthus, it is a symbolic play-of-words hinting at what the Crusaders in-real-life had termed the Middle East as 'Levant' or the Eastern Lands. This is to represent that Levanthus is separating from the tart and cliched use of Western European elements for their roleplay. Currently, I possess two city-states within this land, named Varivik and Agrabah, the former possessing elements of Celtic culture and the latter possessing elements of Arabesque architecture and culture.

Unfortunately as I am bidding my paychecks to assist me into my sophomore year of college in the States, I am unable to pay for this task, but rest assured that the map is not of a large domain. It would be a pleasure that I may acquire this map from one of the skilled cartographers here and perhaps if need be, a piece of Lore can be written in return. [If you so happen to be a member of a Role-play community]


Map Name:
The City-States of Levanthus

An Image to Assist Those Helping In This:

Black: Cultural Landmark
Yellow: Varivik
Red: Subudai Encampment
Dark Red: Warhawke Camp
Purple: Agrabah
Silver/Grey: Temple of Illuminus Obscurum

~ Do note that I acknowledge that the map is not immediately up-to-date, hence some of the encircled areas is not possessing of what looks like structures. I link you the Dynamap Here as well as when this is 'Taken', I will be forwarding screenshots of these places.

A Verbal Discription

It would seem that what is intended to be displayed in this map is the current land possessions of Levanthus. In the photo above, I've taken the liberties of encircling each important 'figure to be noted' in different colors, the legend/key sits below the image. It would be interesting if an incorporation of a 'mini-portrait' of each important landmark encircled was present on this map in which I will supply screenshots to those who take up this endeavor!


This is most intriguing, as I am particularly poor at measuring blocks in Minecraft, seeing as my Nation Plot was somewhere along 500x500 blocks; I would judge that perhaps a scale of 5-10 blocks per inch would be suitable?


This is interesting, I would like to acquire the possibility of making the map seem Arabesque, as in my nation, the Arabesque roleplayers are the more artistic. If I need an image, I believe this person's map [Credit to Scherzweurz] fits the bill!


It is in the possession of the one who makes it, credit goes to you!

Time Constraint

I do not know the normal times to do such maps, I reckon requesting as soon as one is comfortable with their work is best to ask for!

Many Thanks For the One willing to take this endeavor!

- Gaius Marius
Lore-Master of Lord of the Craft