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    Wip [WIP] Diversified fantasy map

    Hello from Germany,

    I try to create a map for a special project (private project). I write a book which contains Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements. This is something I never saw anywhere. And I hate the fact that a lot of races are shown the same way, elves are always nice and beautiful and dwarfs are always living under earth and using hammers etc.

    So I created some races and modified some existing races. Now I try to make a map which can combine all the different aspects of the species.

    • Vampires (Areas should look dark and mystical)
    • Werewolves
    • Humans (Living in deserts, forests and mountains)
    • Birdpeople(?) (Living in mountains)
    • Snakepeople(?) (Live in deserst or dark and wet forests)
    • Gods (Live in seperate areas ... far away from anything other, just waiting)
    • Fishpeople(?) (Live in sea and lakes ... but also at coast with humans, prefer sand)
    • etc.

    Some of them use modern weapons (which they found in wracks of spaceships etc.).

    In my actual map you can see different nations which are ruled more or less by special species. In my opinion the map looks too static and is missing a lot of details ... but I don't know how to make them or what kind of details I can add.

    I thought about a swamp and myst near the Vampires. Deserts, lakes (for the Fishguys) and some vulcanic environment for the firegods etc.

    Also I need a place for the snakepeople which use to live in wet and dark woods. In my map you can see how I tried to seperate the areas but it looks just too "artificial".

    What I would like to know is
    • What colours should I use for all these diversiefied areas?
    • What kind of details can I add to make the map more natural?
    • How can I make a transition to make the map looking more realistic?
    • What kind of map is better for this? (A view from top or a isometric view?)

    You can also make sketches (raw) how you would imagine such a world.
    I just read my post and think that my english is pretty *****d up. Soooorry.
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