This was a suggestion from vorropohaiah in the suggestions forum which had some encouragement in the poll.

You need to draw at least two maps, (displayed as a single composite image)* one before an event (or series of events) and one after. Everything else is up to you.

There is plenty of room to tell a story with your entry in this challenge. I kind of suspect that the winning entry may have as much (or more) to do with the story told than technical detail...but we will see!

As always we encourage those who are new to the forum to have a go - you will get lots of good and friendly advice and there's nothing like a time limit to concentrate your mind.

The challenge ends on or about 15th September. Go forth and map, and best of luck to everyone!


* e.g. two maps, one next to the other, or one map superimposed on top of the other....or something else as long as there are at least 2 maps in your entry.