So, due to my players going in an unexpected direction, and due to a previously cancelled session being back on, I have to scramble to draw a quick battle map of a vile necromander's lair and get it ready for Saturday.

It's a bit of a short notice, but I have decided to scramble and meet this deadline, and post my VIP here if you guys have comments.
Right now, after a few hours, I have thrown together the basic layer of the lair and still need to finish the furniture, putting the various sources of light and add the shadows... Ha, also, the black grid is going to go. I just forgot to erase that...

(There is a secret door between the rest of the complex and the narrow corridor leading to the hexagonal room at the NE. These are on different layers so I can print out the two parts of the lair separately).

Anyway, here it is...

Click image for larger version. 

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