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Thread: The whole world! Not sure which one though...

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    Wip The whole world! Not sure which one though...

    So I run a lot of role play games and all my homebrew pathfinder games to date have been set in a jungle I call Sinthar. I have a map of Sinthar and one of the towns, but I'm thinking of running a game in a larger country called Ardania. Now I thought it might be a good idea to make a world map before I get carried away, because I'm not so good at judging scale.

    I haven't named the world... but with some help from the Eriond tutorial and some mucking about in photoshop, I've got the basic terrain worked out. I've learned a whole lot, picked up Wilbur for the first time, even had to dip into GIMP which I'm not at all familiar with. Anyway, I'm liking how it looks and have reached a point where I need feedback. I've never tried a project like this, so I'm just being cautious. I think painting the sea, trees and making borders and such will be some next steps, but before I go there, is there anything really weird or off about the map? Or does anyone have some sage advice? I thought I should ask the experts...

    This is the most logical way I could think to lay the map out without distorion. I'll probably break it in four when I go in for more detail later, but any presentation advice is also welcome.

    This should wrap a sphere a bit like a tennis ball.
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