Centuries ago the townsfolk of the then named Harkon-on-Sea lead by their Lord, Lord Harkon (of whom the town was named after) rallied against a giant dragon that had harassed their little coastal town for decades, in a fierce and bloody battle the creature was downed and the townsfolk triumphant; albeit a pyrrhic victory, which cost the people their entire town as the creature crashed down upon it when the final blow was struck. However, after generations of suffering under the dragon they were not willing to be defeated in its death and so rebuilt their town from the ground upwards. With the help of powerful wizards who cast a ritual upon the dragon stopping its flesh from rotting away the town was rebuilt inside the dragon itself, entry to the town made from entering the the dead creature gaping maw. Over the decades that followed the town swelled its populous and with more help from the wizards the dragons body was buried and the upper castle of Harkon Keep was erected.

Now known by most as Dragon-on-Sea the landmark is a fearsome sight for those who have never seen the now populous city, the dragons head gatehouse with its razor sharp teeth still intact a reminder of all who visit the town just what was achieved here by its people and an intimidating deterrent for those who may consider trying to invade its walls.

### LATEST WIP ###

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For my last Challenge entry a few people commented that it was a "ready to use" map (albeit that wasn't the actual intention), so taking that into consideration I decided to create something that would be useful in a Campaign, with scale, map key and all the trimmings.