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Thread: M.O.R.E. - 4X Space Game

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    Info M.O.R.E. - 4X Space Game

    I guess we also have some fans of good old Master of Orion 2, Ascendancy and other 4x classic space games here.
    Then M.O.R.E. might be interesting. I stumbled upon this Kickstarter project some time ago and it looks really promising, so I decided to back it. I hope it gets funded. The recent 4x space games were rather disappointing.

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    I got MoO and MoO2 from and I had several games, it's still a blast. Sending colony ships, arming them with 1 lazer canon... it never gets old.

    Hmm, MORE is from Poland, I didn't know Kickstarter has started allowing non-US companies to "kickstart".
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