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Inspired by a Goblin Tomb Raid D&D game I will run shortly, the Kowloon map and way too much Opeth. I give you a pseudo-panoramic map of the environs of the Ziggurat of Learning, premier institution of higher education in the Theocratic Democratic City-state of Jarech and the broader Round Valley region. This is certainly not a map endorsing the bunk and silly theories of numerous conspiracy nut serfs who claim that three-eyed beings from a higher plane landed here and created the Round Valley and brought the knowledge of metallurgy to the race of man.


The map was done entirely by hand, also coloured by hand, but stitched together and lightly textured & colour adjusted in photoshop. The original covers 2 A4 pages, while the original .psd file is saved at 600 dpi and comes in at about 11,000 by 7,000 pixies*. Since the map wraps around, I doubled up a bit of the map at the sides, though I worked over the edges with the clone tool to remove bits that were extraneous or just making it look icky.

P.S. - I know it's not much of a WIP, but somehow yesterday I saw the challenge and sat down at 17:00 and finished it, well, now.

*As everyone knows, LCD screen pixels are made from crushed pixie extract mixed with sunshine and rainbows.