My name is Raymond Gaustadnes and I'm a freelance digital artist living in Norway. I'm currently running a kickstarter project, named "Game Master's Campaign - Fantasy art kit" and I'm kinda "reluctantly" seeking out any forums I can find that are about Virtual tabletop softwares, in order to show that my project is live and possibly finding Game Masters, module makers or game developers in general that might have use of my artwork with their games.

The kit will contain, in the end: terrain maps, tiles to construct structures ontop of the terrain, decals to give variation to the terrain and a massive bunch of items, objects, creatures, monsters and fantasy characters to place ontop of the finished campaign map(s). Everything will come in 3 sizes, the largest versions allows you to print out the artwork, for use with your physical rpg campaigns should you wish for that.

The intended use for this kit, or should I say kits as I plan to create smaller addons to the main kit, it for digital use. You either load everything inside your VTT of choice and put together the map there, or take the terrains and tiles into any software capable of handling PNG files (transparent backgrounds), create your maps there and then bring the maps and tokens into your VTT of choice.

I have started painting the kit but there's tons of work to be done still. I've posted updates and examples for the kit over the last weeks in another forum, with some really nice feedback.

I've worked with many game companies in the past, creating artwork for various physical and digital games, you can see some of them here (be warned, you'll find new and not so recent artwork in the gallery ) http://shockbolt.deviantart.com

And then there's the kickstarter project page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...antasy-art-kit

Don't feel obliged to back it, but there are some nice rewards for the higher pledge levels, such as acquiring a license to use my artwork for your commercial projects, those rewards are limited.

Last but not least, here are some larger sized previews of the tokens and tiles, keep in mind: all creatures, monsters, characters, objects and items will come without backgrounds, this allows you to place and rotate them any way you want ontop of your maps. Files for digital use will be of reasonable size(sizes, as they will vary in size as to what the tokens are, dragons will be larger than goblins etc). A fantasy player character might be 128x128 pixels in size, more than enough to show some nice details in the token when used, or 64x64 pixels.