I'm currently trying to design a world map for my RPG games, with the size of the planet being about 250 kilometers per degree, so roughly 5 times the surface area of the Earth.
The reason for the size is a general scope and layout of the planet combined with it being an easy number to deal with.
Thus far, I have my hand-drawn copy that I had digitized.
My next step will be to vector-draw the planet, piece by piece, and then expand and detail each area.

Here is the whole map, linked to a slightly larger version.

There is another version of the map stored HERE, but putting it in the post would run the post over the 20,000 character limit, as it's 192 images linked to another set of 192 images to make a collage that can be zoomed in on.
I liked the idea and haven't taken the time to get a firm grasp on HTML or BBcode to do anything fancier.

On a side note, I'd like to know how Randall Munroe set this XKCD comic up, as it could be an interesting way of doing maps.