Given that I made my first post over in the map gallery, I suppose I should really introduce myself.

I'm an old gamer who at one time wrote for Iron Crown Enterprises (20 years ago). I recently returned to my home town where I have gotten back together with my gaming buddies from back in the day. We picked up a game of 4th Edition D&D on a lark, and now the old group is back at it. I decided that I wanted to do a bit more than what the existing maps were providing for me, so I bit the bullet and picked up campaign cartographer... and in the process discovered that there was a symbol set in the 2008 annual from Pete Fenlon. Back when I wrote for ICE, I had the privilege of Pete putting things on the middle earth super-map that I had named. I even got a chance to see his handiwork in person... It seemed a logical fit to try to do the Nentir Vale in Pete Fenlon's style. You can find the essentially finished map here:


Anyway, I'm just getting started... but this was a fun first attempt, and I'd love any feedback anyone might have.