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    Hello all, this here is the world map to my fantasy conworld Geldonion. The program I use is AutoRealm, and while far from ideal it was free and gets the job done. In the program, the map is much more detailed in that there is a lot of names of things and you can see the cities, though the majority of them are yet to be named as I have yet to construct the languages that I would use. So far I'v only constructed the Dwarven language, but I still have to edit those names too because I didn't keep up with the map when I was finishing the language.

    This is the northern continent, and when I'm completely done with this one I will move on to the southern one. I still have to add many things, particularly all the cities in the east, more islands, details for the islands I have, and names for mostly everything, as I have mentioned.

    This program was actually really frustrating when trying to convert the file to a large zoom-able image, and it's really not too pretty. Any alternative program suggestions would be great.

    Feedback as well; All is welcome, though I am particularly concerned with the originality of the continent and even distribution of geographical features. I'll be happy to answer any questions

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