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    Question free vector map

    Where can I find a free downloadable vector map of a nation, or country, or region that I could them redesign in Illustrator CS3 as a map where I can create my own place names?

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    Google is your friend. I Googled "vector map of us" and got this map straight off.

    Actually this page is better:
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    I had good luck with these guys back when they were called Cartesia. A long time ago, I used their world map, altering it to build a geopolitical world map for Shadowrun.
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    Do you need a specific country? Or will just any exmple do?

    I can look around, there is free GIS stuff on this, which should be able to get into AI.


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    You do know you can use the autotrace function in illustrator to turn any raster image into a vector image? I suggest the fastest way is to find either a raster silhouette of the country (of which there are loads on the net) or failing that start with a non-silhouette and make one using a raster editor like Gimp.

    Also check out vector magic on line, which has a better autotrace function than illustrator and which will make illustrator vector files online for you.

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    Not quite as nice as the link I posted before, but these are free, as requested.

    Thanks to Smashing Magazine for the find.

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    You can find some maps at

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