Greetings, it looks like you all have a nice community here. After reading some posts, it looks like I could get some insight on a my RPG maps. My RPG is very much a work in progress but the idea is a galaxy spanning RPG with magic being strong in the core but weaker towards the rim and technology being advanced in the rim but failing as it progresses towards the core. After doing some research I like the galactic cardinal directions of: Spinward, Trailing, Coreward and Rimward.
My problem is I would also like some alien sounding directions for planetary navigation and mapping other than North, South, East, and West. I also have aliens that live in red dwarf stars, black holes, and asteroids so I want something flexible. I know all these objects spin so that gives me spinward and trailing but since I'm dealing with sphere(ish) bodies I need more than just the terms I use for the mostly flat galaxy. I keeping getting hung up on differentiating the poles. I also want to avoid magnetic terms.
Any ideas for some new cardinal directions that would apply to any spinning body?

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