I'm new to this forum; mostly when I find a new place, I like to lurk, but after seeing the quality of work and presentation, and the community activity, I decided it was a place worth investing a little time in, if not many, many... too many hours

My chief interest is Level Design & building for various game projects, as well as creating maps in a variety of software packages. The reason I found this place is because friends and I have recently just started getting into D&D 4ED, and me wanting to DM decided to look for some practical advice about building worlds and creating maps for them, leading me here.

I have two lovely dogs, whom I spend a lot of time with walking when I'm not vegging out on the PC, I sketch a lot as well, and on occasion I do paint miniatures from various ranges.

I do have a few questions, if I may (apologies if these are covered in a rules thread; I shall be reading that after this post):
Are there any specifics regard the type of map shown? World maps seem to be a key theme, but for example, can people show specific maps of towns as well, perhaps dungeons also?
Is there an unwritten rule regarding the theme of maps; may I upload a map based on a Sci-Fi theme, or a Star System map?

Many thanks, and I look forward to interacting with you all