Hi, Cartographers!

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm going to be running a Shadowrun game very soon, and I need to find some cool maps of huge megacorporate buildings for my players to break into. If you're not familiar with Shadowrun, that's ok! It's set in a near future where megacorporations run the world, and elements of traditional fantasy (magic, dragons, elves, trolls, etc) have resurfaced. Advanced technology in a dystopian future full of magic and dragons. The players are essentially thieves for hire.

I was looking in the (Sci-fi) section, and all the maps there seem to be maps of either entire worlds or spaceships. I could really use some sci-fi maps of buildings.

I need some building maps featuring any kind of modern / futuristic stuff you'd want. Big open lobbies, huge windows, staircases, elevators, maintenance shafts, server rooms, security measures upon security measures with security measures to protect those security measures, automated gun turrets, offices, vaults, helipads, secret laboratories, robot factories etc.

If anyone on here wants to get inspired and make some awesome futuristic sci-fi building floorplans, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!