Hello Cartographer's Guild!

I'm a grafic designer from Germany working as a freelancer since a few years.
A few weeks ago I restartet writing medieval scripts with caligraphy pens.

I'm a big fan of role playing games and therefore I like to draw fantasy maps.

I like to draw them on real paper because I think it is more fitting for fantasy.
But I use a Wacom medium tablet in Freehand mx and Photoshop CS2 as well for retouching and editing my maps or to draw modern or SF-graphics.

I heard of this forum one year ago and lost it a few months, but now I want to get more active.
I hope I find some time to participate in one of the map challenges soon.
And last but not least I hope to learn some cool things from the master cartographers of this site.
All those magnificent works are very inspiring. I love it.