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    Wip Fantasy Port City

    Working on this for an RPG I help run; it's a port city in a fantasy world. The northern area is meant to be cobble paths with mostly stone buildings, the southern area is dirt roads and mostly wooden buildings. The docks have several warehouses on their wooden paths, which extend onto a large portion of the land.

    Trying to figure out what I can do to improve the overall look of it, maybe do something to pull all the colours together a little.

    Also thinking of using small symbols to mark the various locations on the map, which at this scale would be more a matter of showing the area they're in rather than their exact location. (Planning on displaying the map online at 600x600 or 800x800.)

    Using photoshop.

    The city of Elexia is set out into three areas that all blend seamlessly into one another in such away that while walking between them it is impossible to tell where any real borders are. The only good rule of thumb is that you can usually tell where you are by what's underfoot.

    The Docks - Elexia is a city of trade and commerce, and its sprawling system of harboring and docks is a large part of that. The docks area comprises not only the sprawling interconnected boardwalks and jetties that line the coast but also a great deal of related areas filled with warehouses, markets and entertainment establishments. The docks district makes use of a lots of land at the coast which would be too sodden to use without the extensive use of boardwalks and sort stilts on which most of the docks district is built.

    The Old City - Home to the rich and powerful of Elexia, the Old City's cobbled streets were the first signs that the fishing village had truly flourished. The architecture in this are of the city is slightly more impressive than elsewhere, and this effect if stronger the further north one goes. The old city is also the unofficial center of Elexia, as it houses many important governmental locations and the majority of councilors past and present live in this region.

    The Warrens - Despite the old city being the center of Elexia's government, The Warrens are what most people think of when they talk about Elexia. A combination of stone and wooden buildings atop a packed dirt street that leads to most residents having dusty feet. The further south one goes the less civilized the town planning seems to be as things spread out and become more maze like. The Warrens are also home to the largest number of entrances to the sewers and the tunnels made home by the Atarin residents of Elexia. It is said you are always a stones throw from a bar, tavern or brothel in the warrens, and if you have a strong arm that might be true.
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