I am currently working on a modified Kingmaker adventure path campaign, and have already posted in the Regional/World Mapping section for maps I have created that fall into that category. I have also begun working on a city map for the campaign, and would like to share that as well.

In the campaign, the players have recently founded their capital, naming it Knight's Keep. Anyone familiar with the adventure path knows that city-building is also a part of the game, and so I've begun work on a city map for the capital. Incorporating structures they decide to build, I've decided to ignore the grid layout the adventure path provides, going instead with a more organic growth in a true environment. This map displays the Lord's Keep on the hill for which the place is named, and the start of a village and dock area along the shores of the lake below. I plan to add some farmland to the north and northwest, plus a cluster of tents to the west representing the people arriving in the area, but not yet settled into housing. I will post more maps as the city develops.

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