Hi there !

I'm surfing on this site for months already, reading tutos, watching the gallery, and trying some little things on my own. I always had this project in mind but i didn't think i could make something satisfying enough until i tried 5 hours ago :p.

This is the inside world of Aelteria. All of this is actually inside a huge rock that's the size of a little galaxy. Inside this rock there is a hole, a huge bubble of air with a star at is center, and an actual small solar system graviting around.

On this picture you can see the surface Aelteria in the background, covered with oceans, continents, deserts, forests and everything. There are numerous races of intelligent beings living there but as it's quite far from the sun, it's a pretty harsh place to live in, no nights (exept some short planet eclipses once in a while), not much drinking water, and pretty much the same 5-6°C temp all years longs (even if the notion of "years" is not quite fit for such a place).

The planet on the foreground is Haven, the home of the human race. It is a little planet placed at an ideal distance from the sun, the climate varie to temperate to tropical dependant on the season (the orbit of the planel is elliptic, therefore the distance between Haven and the sun change, creating seasons) I originaly plan to make a moon for Haven, but i was a bit lazy on that, so let's say that the moon is hidden behind the planet .

The little red planet behind Haven is Ixion, the closest planet to the sun, home of the dragons. It's actual size is about half of heaven and the temperature is extremely high so close to the sun, preventing any living thing to go there, except some fire resistant monsters like dragons, salamander or phoenixes. There's a lot of volcanos and not a drop of water. As it is impossible to live there more than 5 seconds, the inhabitants of Haven think of it as the underworld, where the souls of evil beings are sent after death.

This is my first finished map, i used mostly the Atlas style tutorial provided by Ascencion (thanks a lot btw ) and some planet making tuto i found on the net. I still have a lot of work to do to improve this whole world and my mapping skills. I'm looking forward to read your opinion on this work

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