So, guys, as I have mentioned in my introductory post, I had never given much thought about mapping my entire world. I always had an idea of its shape and main features but nothing more. I usually made maps of regions my players would visit.

That was until now. First of all the amount of ideas and creativity in this forum is just too much and I am not going to just stand here doing nothing! And secondly I bumped into some scale and size problems while expanding some of my realms. Thus I decided to begin mapping my world properly, beginning with the big picture and going to the smaller.

I will start with my main continent which most of the action takes place and is the most heavily populated. The total area will be about 10-12 million sq. miles. I plan to do most (if not all) of my mapping in Photoshop. I have a plan to maybe later print the map in a good printing shop.

So, for the big question: What size should I work? Should I care about the final paper size and start working with an A1 or A2 size file? Or should I set up a pixel scale and work the size from there?