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    "Extract from discovered diary of Devoth Silverhalo, Devout Cleric of Palor.

    Anarya, Fourth Orbit of Lótessë

    The ship ran aground on the sharp, outcropped rocks of the Nightshade Jungle Isles early in the morning, three days ago. I saw Neripol drown, I still see his decaying, waterlogged fleshy hand grasping for help from between the wooden beams of the deck. I, Gwenth and a few of the sailors survived and found ourselves on the coast of a continent I always swore I would never step foot upon...

    Isilya, Fifth Orbit of Lótessë

    We trekked through the thick growth of the jungle for a few days. One of the sailors swore he knew the way to a shipping port on the south side of the island, and we foolishly trusted him. When we slept at night, I swore I could hear creatures circling our makeshift camps, but I could never confirm my suspicions... Gwenth says I’m being paranoid, allowing the darkness of the canopy in the jungle to get to me. I fear he may be right.

    Alduya, Sixth Orbit of Lótessë

    I write this from a cavern. I fear we’ve been taken prisoner by some strange beasts. We encountered them whilst walking through the growth this morning. They were large lizard like creatures, brandishing crude spears and blowguns. One of the sailors was hit by a small dart. It didn’t cause any serious damage, until his wound bloated and the swelling constricted his airwaves. After that, we opted to show no resistance, and the creatures escorted us to their camp, took our weapons and shoved us in a cavern with two dozen or so more captives.

    Elenya, Ninth Orbit of Lótessë

    Gwenth and I have observed several behaviours of these creatures and their interactions with the prisoners. The larger beasts seem to guard a smaller, bloated toad like creature; a shaman, perhaps? They throw gold disks into the cavern and allow prisoners to gather them and present them to the guards. When ten of those individuals have presented those disks, they are led out of an exit. We have not discovered where those exits lead, but Gwenth and I have struck a deal with some Elves with the intent to take them and try to escape. Anywhere has to be better than this disease infested cave-pit.

    Isilya, Eleventh Orbit of Lótessë

    We got the disks. I stand in a small room with a thick bamboo gate leading to an outside area. There are weapons. I can hear hissing outside. I think its smaller lizardfolk “cheering” for something. We’ve been given weapons. I fear we’ve made a terrible mistake..."
    This map is one I presented my players after they were captured by Lizardfolk; the idea was gathered from Roman Collisum, where slaves would fight wild animals for the entertainment of the masses. In this particular area sat a captive Hydra, that would attack from the water and snatch members of the party and any NPC's in their mighty jaws, dragging them into the murky water to be the next meal.

    You can place almost any creature in an arena like this, or even have a group of Lizardfolk readying to fight the PC's, like a team based arena game for the entertainment of the common folk.

    The Bridges sit about 20 feet above the water, which is 30 foot deep. They aren't bolted down, so they can be kicked out, which could be cool. Each square is 5 feet.

    Hope you enjoy
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    Great work man...!!!
    "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."-Confucius
    Old map and Historic map

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    Thanks. I actually ran this a second time for a newbie group... TPK

    Made a second one as well, in case anyone wanted to run a different style of map.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This one is more flat ground than the last, with the water acting as small pools of difficult terrain. A swamp creature of whatever kind can emerge from the large body of water, North-east of the map. The small planks across the waters act as reeds or bamboo strips that allow players to move normally. The room to the west plays much like the room on the first map; prisoners are led there, and allowed to gear up with some basic weaponry before the fight.

    These are the two stat blocks I used for my games. Made for interesting monsters to come up against.
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